Ol Pejeta Conservancy - One day tour from Nairobi

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Yet another amazing day trip from Nairobi offers you an unforgettable experience in Ol Pejeta Conservancy. This non-profit wildlife conservancy provides sanctuary for great apes, boasts the biggest black rhino sanctuary in East Africa, and is home to the only two remaining northern white rhinos in the world! Ol Pejeta is also the only reserve in Africa conserving three rhino subspecies - the black, southern white, and the northern white rhinos.

A 360 square kilometres big conservancy at the foot of Mount Kenya is, therefore, the only place on Earth where the northern white rhinos can be seen, the only place in Kenya, where chimpanzees can be observed, and, on top of it, you can encounter all the Big five as well as other wildlife in abundance - an unforgettable and unbeatable safari experience!

Visiting means also supporting great wildlife conservancy programmes and helps funding water, education, health, and infrastructure projects for the communities surrounding it.

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Načrtujmo vaše potovanje v Ol Pejeta Conservancy - One day tour from Nairobi
Eden od naših strokovnjakov za safari vas bo poklical v roku 24 ur.


Our driver will pick you up at your hotel early in the morning, at around 6 am. After a short photo-stop at Nanyuki town, where the equator divides the Earth in the northern and the southern hemisphere, you will soon enter the conservancy at its northern side. Meet the chimpanzees accompanied by abundant wildlife, perhaps an endangered Grevy’s zebra comes along your way.

We’ll take a scenic and delicious stop at Serena sweet waters lodge - observe the animals quenching their thirst at the water hole just in front of the lodge while enjoying a delicious lunch! While enjoying your lunch, watch out for curious and brave resident monkeys, always checking your menu choice!

After your body and soul have been caressed by food and mesmerizing views, we’ll head for the eastern part of the Ol Pejeta conservation area.

We’ll see the last two northern white (they’re grey, but called white because of the linguistic misunderstanding - wijde in Dutch means wide, as their mouth is) rhinos in the world, the blind and very gentle black rhino Baraka at the close, and many other animals on the way.

We know that animals seen here are unique and worth undivided attention, but don’t forget to raise your eyes - the backdrop of Mount Kenya and Aberdare mountains adds to the magic!

When the day comes to an end, we’ll bring you to your hotel in Nairobi, or the airport, as desired.

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