Cape Town city tour

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There are many ways to discover the 'Mother City'. Some highlights include:

  • Half or full-day guided cultural and historical city tours. Ride an e-bike or walk around the city.
  • The Hop on - Hop off bus with four different lines covering the City and downtown, but also the peninsula and a part of the famous vineyards.
  • Helicopter rides offer a different perspective of the city and its surroundings.

Cape Town


Walk the cobbled streets of the 'Mother City', full of rich history! Monumental statues surrounded by old buildings, hosting many art galleries, a castle and many museums with different themes invite you to explore them.

The oldest colonial building in South Africa, Castle of Good Hope was built by Dutch colonialists between 1666 and 1679. The pentagonal fort served as the seat of military and government operations for over two centuries. It offers a fascinating insight into Cape Town’s cultural past.

Just across the road is the beautiful Cape Town City Hall. This large Edwardian building with its impressive clock tower dates back to 1905. The hall’s main chamber boasts an organ with 3000 pipes. Enjoy a concert by the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra!

The Old Town House on Cape Town’s central Greenmarket Square served as a watch-house, a senate, and the main city hall until the Cape Town City Hall was opened. Today it houses the world-renowned Max Michaelis collection of Netherlandish art from the 17th-century Golden age.

The oldest cathedral in southern Africa is the beautiful St. George’s cathedral, fully completed in 1936. It's stained-glass windows and boasting high arches are stunning, but fascinating is, why the cathedral is renowned. It had a loud oppositional stance during apartheid and is a symbol of democracy in South Africa. Affectionately known as the ‘people’s church,’ the cathedral was a common meeting point for political activists of all races during the apartheid struggle.

Art loves shouldn't miss the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (Zeitz MOCAA), opened in September 2017. This public, non-profit contemporary art museum collects, preserves, researches and exhibits 21st-century art from Africa and the diaspora. Over 100 galleries in nine floors with permanent and special exhibitions display cutting-edge work.

Temporary exhibitions of paintings, drawings, photography, sculpture, beadwork, textiles, and architecture are on display in The Iziko South African National Gallery. South Africa’s premier public art gallery is showcasing impressive South African, African, British, French, Dutch and Flemish artworks and objects.

Originally used to house slaves, the Iziko Slave Lodge is the second oldest building in Cape Town. A site with a painful past, it now serves as a reminder and pays homage to the enslaved - both past and present!

Have a fun family day full of learning at the Iziko South African Museum and explore more than a million and a half scientific specimens! Founded in 1825 it has been storing and adding specimens of scientific importance to its collection for nearly 200 years. It is home to the majestic Whale Well – an enthralling experience of marine wonder that includes a 20.5-metre blue whale skeleton.

A visit to the Norval Foundation, Cape Town’s new destination for art, culture and food, will also make a great family day! This contemporary art gallery and sculpture garden is set on a protected wetland and offers stunning views of Table Mountain national park. Get to know South African and African art, while enjoying a beautiful art walk in the sculpture garden.

Whatever you choose to do, Cape Town won't let you down! Surely you'll get hungry along the way, so don't miss the opportunity to experience a country's culture through food. There’s no better place to find amazing food and culinary experiences than in the 'Mother City'. Round your day with a glass of aromatic local wine and an unforgettable experience is guaranteed!

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Cape Town offers a variety of renowned and monumental sights and attractions, that surely meet everyone's needs! Choose an audio-guided tour on a Hop on - Hop off bus, purchase a City pass with more than 80 attractions included, get a private guide or combine your cultural experiences of the day with wildlife safaris on the peninsula, perhaps a helicopter ride or a climb to the Table mountain. It's yours to choose from plenty of adventures we can offer!

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