Transfers & Activities in Zanzibar, Mohamed


Mohamed is our expert guide and excursion manager in Zanzibar.

He was born in the beautiful historical district of Stone Town on Zanzibar Island, to the Makonde tribe.

Mohamed’s favorite animal: giraffe 🦒

Mohamed, also known as Muda, has been a guide for 13 years, and he never gets tired of introducing people to the luxurious beaches of the Zanzibar archipelago that he is so proud of. 🏖

Zanzibar is world-famous for its spices, and it was historically a major hub for the spice trade. Mohamed loves to show travelers this special history on his island tours.

Mohamed’s favorite food: rice 🍚 (and with all the flavors available in Zanzibar, every meal is exciting!)

Mohamed is waiting to greet you at the airport and show you around the majestic and beautiful Zanzibar! 🏝