Валюта и банкинг


Подробнее о Валюта и банкинг

There are no restrictions on foreign currency to be imported into Zimbabwe. However, a maximum of $ 10 000 or its equivalent can be exported out of the country.

Tourists are entitled to duty-free importation of their goods which they intend to take out of the country, for instance laptops, cameras, vehicles, binoculars, fishery rods and trailers; as well as duty-free importation of goods for personal use (not commercial) worth US$200.00 for consumption in Zimbabwe.

A CDI form is required for exports whose value exceeds US$1 000.00. The use of (Zimbabwean dollar) as local currency, is common the rate is now 2:1 to the USD. Make sure you have cash with you when you arrive especially small denominations. Meanwhile the country has resorted to the use of multiple currencies as legal tender which comprise of US dollar, British pound, European euros, South African rand and Botswana Pula.

However, all these currencies are easily convertible in most banks using the inter-bank rate which gives access to use of the common and mostly used currency the US dollar and South African rand as method of payment.

Валюта и банкинг