Bird watching in Rumbodo Island

Bird watching in Rumbodo Island

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The Rubondo Island is also known as the “Bird Island”, since the 400 different bird species range from east, central and south African species and even European migrants. The first bird species on the Rubondo Island was the African grey parrot...
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Details of Bird watching in Rumbodo Island

The lakeshore forest is inhabited by gorgeous birds such as the Malachite kingfisher and the Paradise-flycatcher. The swampy lake fringes are the homelands of herons, spoonbills and storks.

During the northern winter thousands of Eurasian migratory birds use the Rubondo Island. The island's bay is guarded by African fish eagles, whose population on this Island is the largest in the world. Other birds worth to see while you're on Rubondo Island are Sacred Ibis, martial Eagle, Saddle-billed Stork, Bee-eaters, Hornbill, Coucal and Sunbirds.

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Our special safari guide Mike Taylor has worked for many big local and foreign safari operators in Tanzania, and has guided very famous photographers and bird watchers. With more than 30 years of experience, he can identify every single bird you can spot.