One Day at Kiambethu Tea Farm, Limuru - Trip from Nairobi

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Did you know that Kenya is the second-largest producer of black tea? Its full-bodied flavor, aroma, and recognizable amber colour convinced and took over many taste buds since early 1900 when tea plants were introduced to Kenya. Today, Kenyan tea is one of the top foreign exchange earners, and it’s found in almost all Indian and breakfast tea blends.

A visit to the plantation is almost a must for all tea connoisseurs.

This day’s escape offers a complete opposite from the busy Nairobi. Only some 30 kilometers from the city you’ll enter a world of serenity, tranquility, and green beauty, bursting of colourful birdlife, vivid colobus monkeys swinging around, fortified by a fragrant cup of hot tea.

You’ll learn all about tea, have some and more, take a stroll in the forest, where you’ll get to know some more about vegetation, and enjoy a delicious buffet lunch.

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We’ll pick you up at your hotel in Nairobi at around 10 am and take you to one of the oldest tea plantations in Kenya. It’s now run by the fifth generation of the same family since its establishment in 1910. Fiona and her kind professional staff will make your visit a very enjoyable complex experience.

You’ll enter the enchanting world of growing, harvesting, and processing tea, over the most delicious cup you’ve ever had. At least in surroundings like this - at 2200 meters, different shades of green waving in a gentle breeze … What a stress relief!

As you will learn, the climate with lots of sunshine and well-distributed rainfall and the rich volcanic red soil on gentle slopes make it perfect for growing top-quality teas. After, an experienced guide will take you to the indigenous forest just outside the farm’s gate. There you’ll learn about different plants and their usage while observing the daily exercise of the colobus monkeys above your head. Musical accompaniment is provided by hundreds of picturesque, vivid birds.

After taking all in, you’ll be invited for a three-course buffet lunch, prepared mostly from homegrown veggies and milk from their cattle. They whip the butter themselves and make their own cream for a delicious topping on the dessert. There will be some meat too, of course. Let us know if you have special dietary wishes - everything is possible!

After some more tea, we’ll bring you back to your hotel in Nairobi or the airport.

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