Marine experience in Cape Town

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There are numerous maritime activities around the Cape Peninsula:

  • Shark diving or watching
  • Whale watching
  • Dolphin watching
  • Visiting the African penguins
  • Cruising the harbour

Some can be a short activity, others will last a full day. Many include a pickup from your hotel, food and beverages. All proposed tours have excellent guides, mostly marine biologists and undisputable safety measures.


Whale watching

A whole day experience, paired to only a few! Starting in the fishing harbour of Gansbaai, you'll head along white pearly beaches and the cliffs of De Kelders. The area with the highest concentration of whales in South Africa promises unforgettable close encounters with Southern right whales in Hermanus, the world capital for whale watching.

Cape Town whale

See southern right whales, humpback, minke and Bryde's whales in their natural environment. Look for false killer whales and magnificent orcas. And all other marine life surrounding you – penguins, seals, sharks and other fish.

Your tour will be guided by a marine biologist, with answers to all your whale and other marine life questions. One to be answered beforehand: whales are swimming the shores of South Africa from June to November.

Hermanus Whale Festival celebrates the height of whale watching season and it's held usually at end of September, beginning of October.

Each year around 130000 visitors enjoy eco-marine exhibitions and talks, sports competitions, crafts markets, food, wine and beer tents, live music, and of course, the main event, whale watching.

Shark diving or watching

Excellent spots for shark watching are all around the South African coast.

While visiting Cape Town, choose a 100 % safe shark cage dive at the famous Seal Island in False Bay to see the seven gilled cow sharks. Or dive at Cape Point with the blue and mako sharks.

Cape Town shark diving

If you insist on encountering the great white shark, come between April and September. For less adventurous ones there's a 101% safe option, observing the sharks from the safe-haven of a comfortable boat. Reserve at least 4 hours, or awe for a full day.

Dolphin watching

Dedicated dolphin lovers have a unique opportunity to see many different kinds of these highly intelligent water mammals. Heading fort he sea from False Bay could be rewarded with common, bottlenose and dusky dolphin sightings, while Granger Bay is known to be the best place to see the endemic Heaviside's dolphin, bottlenose and humpback dolphins, which are South Africa's most endangered dolphins. Different trips are tailored to meet your wishes. Reserve at least a half-day fort he activity.

Visiting the penguins

Visiting the Boulders Beach penguin colony is a great half or a full day experience.

Cape Town penguins

A guided tour will take you past brightly coloured historic houses in Bo-Kaap district, through some of Africa’s wealthiest suburbs, to the picturesque Hout Bay. A lovely town surrounded by the ocean on one side and high mountains on the other will surely mesmerize you. Through the magnificent Chapman’s Peak Drive, you continue through rural villages with insights into the local way of life, to Simon’s Town and the famous Boulder’s Beach. Here you will experience magnificent penguins in their natural environment. Unusual towns Fish Hoek, Kalk Bay and Muizenberg will complement the impression.

Harbour cruise

Take an informative multilingual fun cruise in Cape Town’s bustling harbour. You won't be short of magnificent views of the city’s natural landscape with the iconic Table Mountain. A symbol of maritime history and must-see attractions are all around. The Bascule Bridge, the southern hemisphere’s largest synchro-lift and only drawbridge. The SAS Somerset, the only remaining boom defence vessel in the world. The Nelson Mandela Gateway, Chavonnes Battery Museum and the famous Clock Tower. Last but not least - expect to learn about the Cape Fur seal and see them rule the harbour.

Cape Town Harbour cruise

All of the above a little different? On a sailboat with a never empty champagne flute in your hand? Or perhaps enjoying a sunset along with a multi-course dinner? The choice is yours!

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Whether whale or dolphin, penguin, Cape fur seal or the great white shark, all of the Marine Big 5 live in waters surrounding the African southern tip.

Time-limited guests go for a short, two hours long marine safari, sea lovers will choose a full day trip. Regardless of your choice, a marine biologist or a skilled, experienced guide will provide in-depth commentary on the local marine wildlife.

To avoid disappointment, note, that there are certain seasons for whales and white sharks viewings.

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