Moody - Safari Guide

Our Guides: Moody

Moody - 18 years a guide. It’s hard to imagine how much you can see in 18 years of experience traveling the many extraordinary trails of Tanzania with people from all around the globe. This is a lifetime of experience, and Moody is waiting to share it with you!

Hailing from the village of Moshi with the towering Kilimanjaro right in his backyard, he has spent his whole life surrounded by some of the most breathtaking sceneries in the world. Being lucky enough to be immersed in this beauty since birth, and having so many interesting things to see within a short trip from home, it is no wonder that Moody developed a love for travel and became a safari guide.

Moody’s favorite Tanzanian song: Beer Tamu by Marioo 🎵

Even when he is not showing this land to travelers from all over the world, you can still find him exploring, always looking for new things to discover in this endlessly fascinating place.

"Moody is a very kind, professional guide. Whatever we wanted to know, he knew the answer. He explained everything about the animals, people and culture. Thanks to the great communication he always knew where to go to spot the animals."

He never gets bored with these lands - his favorite place to visit is the Serengeti National Park - and he is always enthusiastic to introduce them to new people, and to teach people about everything that lives and thrives inside them.

Moody’s favorite holiday: Eid festival

He is a big fan of the big cats. He is always excited to see leopards and cheetahs - especially when they show off their impressive speed as they chase down their prey. There are so many fascinating animals in these parts!

Moody is a bit of a chef as well - he is very fond of cooking. He can tell you a lot about East African cuisine, and maybe even share some recipes for you to take home after your trip, so you never forget the flavors of your journey to Tanzania!

Moody’s favorite food: pilav - spiced rice 🍚

Moody is very charming and well-loved by all of his visitors. He makes sure that you are taken care of, and that you have everything you need to be comfortable on your adventures through the Tanzanian wilderness. But above all, Moody will make sure that you have an incredible and memorable experience!

"The trip was amazing and Moody was just the best guide we could ask for. Very patient, funny, lot's of information and he stayed focused during the whole trip looking for wildlife and explaining what we were seeing. Our kid (he's 9) cried when we had to part from Moody."

It may be hard to surprise Moody after all of his long experience, but in the incredibly dynamic landscapes of Tanzania, there is always something new to see.

Needless to say you are in good hands with Moody in any case! Almost no one knows this land better. So join him on tour and see Tanzania now!