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Our Guides: Lomayani

A wildlife photographer’s best friend, Loma has some of the sharpest eyes in the business.

"My guide Loma was amazing. He is able to spot animals from very far away, and most of the time managed to get me close to them without disturbing them and away from other jeeps. Being a photographer it was great that he always managed to get me in front of the animals at the right angle. So I would highly recommend him if you are a photographer, as he knows what you'll be looking for in terms of light, position, angle, no other vehicles, etc."

Loma was born in the village of Olasiti in the Arusha region of northern Tanzania, and speaks an impressive 3 languages: Swahili, Maasai, and English. He can communicate freely with anyone in this part of the world, and uses his communication skills to give travelers the best experience of their lives. He uses his knowledge of the language of photography as well to make sure travelers take home something that beautifully captures the unforgettable experiences had on safari in Tanzania.

Loma’s favorite Tanzanian song: Beer Tamu by Marioo.

He knows almost everything about the animals that live in these parts, and yet he is still endlessly fascinated by them. He is especially interested in the leopard - his favorite animal to spot on safari - and is always impressed by its intelligence, like when one is carrying its prey up a tree to avoid other carnivores interfering with its well-earned meal.

He appreciates the beauty of the little things in the lives of these animals - and he knows how to capture it on camera.

Loma has been a guide for 8 years, but he is still awestruck every time he visits the incredible Serengeti National Park. There is so much to see in Tanzania’s many national parks, and there is so much to know about everything in them too. And yet, Loma has lived in this environment since birth, and he loves to share his lifetime’s worth of knowledge with people from all over the world.

Loma’s favorite holiday: New Year

Loma has many talents. He even loves to dance when not out on the trails (and sometimes even when he is on the trails!).

"Loma was THE BEST tour guide. He taught us so much about the animals, the land, the culture. Every question we asked he had an answer to. We had many laughs and great conversation, yet it still felt like a private experience for my husband and I."

If you consider yourself a photographer, whether professional or amateur, or even if you just want a fantastic safari trip with a charismatic guide, start planning your next trip around Tanzania with Loma!

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