Grace - Safari Guide

Our guides: Grace

A safari is a great way to expand your mind. Every day for 8 years now, Grace has been doing just that. She is looking forward to taking you on a mind-expanding safari adventure too!

Grace’s favorite animal: the elegant and elusive cheetah

Born in the heart of nature tourism in Tanzania, the northern city of Arusha, Grace is very proud that the nature and culture of her homeland makes it one of the top safari destinations for adventurers from all over the world.

Grace’s hobbies: swimming 🏊 and reading novels 📖

Grace is 35 years old, married with 2 kids, and is a part of the Meru tribe from the north of the country.

She has a lot of experience guiding people through Tanzania’s countless natural wonders, and she knows how to give people a safari that lives up to their dreams. Many people are afraid of lions, for instance, but good safari guides like Grace know how to coexist in peace with the many big animals here, and make sure that guests to these parts enjoy a safe and enjoyable safari.

Grace’s least favorite animal to spot on safari: African wild dogs

Grace is always learning new things about this endlessly-interesting part of the world, as well as from the many people from all over who pass through here to admire it. She has an ever-expanding wealth of knowledge that she is waiting to share with you! This is her favorite part about being a guide.

Come and join her on an adventure!