Gerald - Safari Guide

Our guides: Gerald

In his seven years of experience as a guide, Gerald has earned the nickname captain.

Gerald is from the Iraqw tribe in the town of Karatu, Arusha region. He was born in the middle of the world-famous natural beauty of Tanzania, not far from the breathtaking Ngorongoro Crater.

Gerald’s favorite food: ugali nyama choma 🍖

He loves to talk about the fascinating ecosystem of the Serengeti, and share his knowledge of his home region’s national parks. Any questions you have, Gerald will have the answer!

Gerald has a particular passion for studying animal behavior. He is interested in learning about all the animals that roam these lands, and this knowledge comes in handy on safari!

Gerald’s favorite animal: the cheetah 🐱

Understanding animal behavior goes hand-in-hand with understanding how to behave around animals. He is not afraid of any animal (even if he’s not a big fan of snakes), and he knows not to worry when a giant elephant approaches his safari vehicle.

You are in good hands with Gerald as your safari guide. He takes care of his travelers, so you can relax and enjoy as you look out for cheetahs together.

Gerald’s favorite drink: coca cola 🥤

Gerald is always happy to welcome you to the Tanzanian peace and kindness that he is so proud of in his country 🇹🇿

All the animals of this country are waiting for you, and the captain is ready to introduce you!