Emmanuel - Safari Guide

Our Guides: Emmanuel

Take it easy in Africa. There is no need to hurry here. This is Emmanuel’s advice to travelers. He knows that this is the key to truly enjoying this continent and all the beauty within it: slow down, appreciate what is around you in this moment.

Emmanuel is fluent in English & Spanish - a perfect guide for our friends from the hispanophone world.

Emmanuel’s favorite food: rice and green beans - a staple in every Tanzanian home

Emmanuel, also known as Kadogoo, comes from the Chagga tribe and was born in the Kilimanjaro region.

In his 10 years as a safari guide, he has never tired of the “big 5” animals. Witnessing the majesty of these animals - the lion, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant, and buffalo - is always a treat, for both new and experienced travelers alike.

Emmanuel’s favorite animal: the lion 🦁

Emmanuel was once asked by a kid on safari: does he fear lions? In fact, he loves lions! He knows very well how powerful some of Africa’s animals are, but he also knows how they behave, and, more importantly, how to behave around them. It might be scary to see a lion’s huge teeth or a charging elephant, but a good safari guide like Emmanuel knows exactly how to coexist with these powerful and majestic animals and live in harmony with them.

You are in safe hands with Emmanuel. He is used to clients being hesitant during things like the daring ascent of the Ngorongoro crater, but Emmanuel has done all of this many times in all his years as a guide. There is no need to worry!

Emmanuel’s favorite drink: Coca-Cola 🥤

Emmanuel is immensely proud of the unity and the welcoming nature of the diverse peoples in his country, and he is ready to welcome you to be a part of that too!