Charles - Safari Guide

Our Guides: Charles

Charles has all the ingredients to make your safari unforgettable: eagle eyes that don’t miss a thing; encyclopedic knowledge of wildlife; and years of lived experience as a safari expert. But above all, he is charming, friendly, and a brilliant storyteller!

Charles, also known by his nickname Bablai, is from the Nyaturu tribe of the Singida region, right in the heart of Tanzania, and from there has spent much of his life out exploring this wonder-filled country.

Charles’ age: 33 years old

"…we were picked up by Charles, our optimistic, pragmatic, friendly super-guide for the rest of our tour. Charles made the experience unforgettable for us and for the kids (10 and 11 years old)."

Charles does not like to waste time on safari. He has been a guide for a long time. He knows how to find what people like. In the plains, in the savannah, in the jungle: he can always find the animal you want to see. You will not miss a thing.

Every minute with Charles is full of safari wonder!

Charles’ favorite food: ugali with vegetables (delicious traditional East-African dish)

"At Serengeti National Park Charles outdid himself. Everywhere we went, at the open plains and the savanna he pointed out all the animals we wanted to see. A leopard with her full-grown cub sitting in a tree eating a gazelle, cheetahs next to the car, several pride of lions and a lot more. Even the long hours in the car seemed to fly."

It is understandable that many travelers have some fears or worries when coming across unfamiliar wildlife in an unfamiliar environment on the other side of the world, but you are in good hands with Charles. He knows each and every animal here like the back of his hand, and knows exactly how to treat them.

Charles’ favorite animal: elephant

Charles values the natural beauty of his country highly, and he understands it well. He is dedicated to giving travelers the best experience, and will find exactly what you’re looking for.

"Our guide Charles really pulled it off. Knowing him from my first trip, I was sure to be in the best hands but this time he took it even further! Charles is highly dedicated to deliver the best experience given that nature can be random. Long story short, we got the Big 5 and as a serious hobby photographer I got all the shots I was looking for."

A family looking for entertainment for all ages? A couple on their honeymoon looking for the romantic majesty of nature? A photographer looking for some magnificent wildlife shots? A poet looking for some divine inspiration?

Whoever you are and whatever you’re looking for, Charles knows how to find it. Join him on his next tour around Tanzania!

Customer reviews taken from, edited for clarity, spelling and grammar.