One Day at Masai Village - Trip from Nairobi

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Make your visit to Kenya a complete experience - not only amazing wildlife, enchanting beaches, and the metropolis, there’s culture and tradition to explore, too.

Visit a Masai village and grab the opportunity to learn about traditional life first-hand!

This genuine experience will give you a unique insight into their day-to-day life, culture, habits, traditions, cuisine, and joy.

And, very important is, that you’re most welcome here. These people agree to visits and are happy to share their lives with strangers.

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  1. DAY 1 - Nairobi - Masai village - Nairobi
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Eden od naših strokovnjakov za safari vas bo poklical v roku 24 ur.

DAY 1 - Nairobi - Masai village - Nairobi

We’ll pick you up at your hotel in Nairobi at the agreed time and take you to visit a village of one of the most renowned communities in Africa - a Masai tribe.

The centre of Masai life is undoubtedly their cattle, which represents the primary source of food. A typical Masai diet consists of milk (mostly fermented), fresh blood, and meat, in this order. Vegetables and fruit are more a snack, if so. You’d expect them to be quite unhealthy, but you’d be wrong. They ingest many bitter herbs with the active ingredient saponin, which reduces cholesterol, so they do not develop heart or vascular diseases. And their teeth - mesmerizing white smiles shine on every mouth since they almost don’t develop any caries.

So health they have. And the wealth is measured in numbers of cattle and children - both have to be plenty. If a man has plenty of one and not of the other, he's considered to be poor.

But - all will be explained on-site!

You’ll join women at milking their herds of cows and goats, making beautiful beadwork, cooking, and doing all the rest. Have a dance with the community members and listen to their stories from today and generations ago. Learn from ancient wisdom and see the modern changes.

After you’re filled with impressions and decorated with beautiful handmade beaded jewellery, we’ll tear you apart from the kind hosts and bring you back to your hotel or airport in Nairobi.

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