Details of Sport Fishing

Places to do Sport Fishing:

Murchison Falls National park

Approximately 6 hours drive NW of Kampala an all year round fishing is available, with peak season being the dry months from December to March and June to October. You'll swing your stick along the banks of the Nile as it passes through Murchison Falls National Park.

At Murchison, you can fish using casting lures, live bait, hooks, and spinning. You will be required to have a sport fishing permit.

The fishing equipment is provided at the site where you can use any fixed spool or multiplier with a 30 to 35-pound line.

Murchison Falls National park

Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is the biggest water body in Africa and is shared by three of the East African Countries. In Uganda, sport fishing can be done in Jinja. The best chances to catch 1 to 2 kilograms tilapias is by the fly-fishing method.

At lake Victoria, there are two fishing tour shifts, 9 am to 12 pm and 1 pm to 5 pm. Because of the size of the lake, there is no specific area for fishing. The spot of choice depends on the weather conditions and your tour guide.

There's a strictly catch and relieve game on lake Victoria.

Lake Victoria

Lake Mburo National Park

At Maziga you will have the opportunity to do some sport fishing when on tour at Lake Mburo National Park. After getting a permit from the Uganda Wildlife Authority, you can enjoy this sport at Maziga. At this site, you are encouraged to carry your own fishing equipment. You're likely to catch more than five fish species, however, the most common fish is tilapia.

Lake Mburo National Park

Ssese islands

Off for some privacy and seclusion, Ssese is about 50 kilometres from Entebbe and comprises of more than 80 beautiful islands with white beach sands and freshwaters.

On these shores, you can catch tilapia, lungfish or Nile perch. Fishing is the biggest economic activity in this area and most people come all this way to trade in the largest town of Kalangala. Here you can feast on your catch.

Sipi falls

At the slopes of Mountain Elgon lie the most beautiful triple waterfalls in Uganda. Permits in this particular area can be secured from Sipi River Lodge and like Lake Mburo, you will have to carry your own fishing gear.

To fish at the banks of the falls, you can use fish hooks, bobbers, needle nose pliers, sinkers, fishing rods, fish bait, and fishing ledgers among others. Most common is the rainbow trout fish - a vibrant and colourful fish that is hard to catch.

The biggest trout can weigh up to 3 kilograms!

These are only some most popular locations for sports fishing, but the abundance of waters in Uganda provides sport fishing in many places.

Short Overview

Sportfishing is done for fun and enjoyment, and it's one of the few sports done on every continent, even on Antarctica! And, surely, in Uganda, where many water bodies promise both. There are over 350 species of fish in Uganda! Tilapia and Nile perch are the most popular commercial fish, but barbel, tigerfish, catfish, ferocious fighter, lungfish and protopterus among others can also catch your hook. And don't expect to catch a 200 kilograms Nile perch, although they do grow that big! Perhaps you can engage in a friendly competition with friends – who catches the biggest, most beautiful, the weirdest fish?

Most places ensure a catch and release sports fishing game concerning conservation needs. In some locations, you can take your catch to dinner on, of course depending on the species and regulations regarding it.

Most places provide fishing gear, but there are some, where you have to bring your own gear. A day permit is obligatory everywhere.

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