Onsea House

Onsea House

Short Overview
ONSEA HOUSE is located just outside Arusha, the so-called 'safari capital' of Tanzania. ONSEA HOUSE Country Inn & Guest Cottage strives to be the best luxury bed and breakfast in Arusha. Enjoy greater comfort and better food than any guesthouse or restaurant, with more personalized service than in a hotel and more privacy than a lodge resort. ONSEA HOUSE can be your home base for a safari or Kilimanjaro climb with beach holiday extension at the Zanzibar or mainland Tanzania coast.

Описание товара

Details of Onsea House

Onsea House is proud being voted the best LUXURY in Arusha and recommended by several experts as boutique hotel and hip hideaway in the region.


The cosy and tranquil Country Inn consists of room 1 and 2 opening onto the shared terrace.

The adjacent self contained Guest Cottage, each room with private wooden balconies, can easily accommodate 6 people in room 3, 4 and the living room. Discover also the private guestroom where our family and friends can stay during their visit. Experience the calm African-Colonial setting, featuring tasteful decorations.


Several Sports Clubs near ONSEA HOUSE have the usual sports like fitness, tennis, squash, hockey, volleyball, darts, etc..