Climbing Instructor, Kilimanjaro, August

Climbing Instructor, Kilimanjaro, August

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  • Climbing Instructor, Kilimanjaro
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August, Climbing Instructor, Kilimanjaro

August has more than twenty years’ experience as a Kilimanjaro climbing guide, so he’s got a wealth of stories and an intimate knowledge of every facet of Africa’s highest mountain. He prides himself on doing whatever it takes to get his client’s safely to the top, and on staying in touch with them after they’ve returned home. His favourite story from the mountain? “I had an American client who had a new sleeping bag for the climb, but he had never used it. On the first night he came to me and said he couldn’t climb anymore because his sleeping bag was not warm enough. When he showed me, I couldn’t help but laugh. He hadn’t opened the sleeping bag, and was just trying to sleep under it like a blanket!”