Eddy - Safari Guide

Our guides: Eddy

Eddy was born in Arusha, surrounded by the incredible nature that people from all over the world come to witness for themselves. He has 5 years of professional experience as a guide, but his love for his home land and all its inhabitants goes back much further than that.

He absolutely can boast a lifetime of experience in this beautiful land. He can’t even name his favorite park, because he loves all of these gorgeous landscapes equally, and is, without exception, always happy to take travelers and show them any and all of Tanzania’s wonders.

"Our guide was phenomenal - Eddy really knew the area and each park so well that every game drive was filled with exciting sightings. He really made it a trip to remember."

Eddy’s favorite Tanzanian song: Bado Sana by Lava Lava 🎵

The only one requirement he has for visiting a park: it must have animals in it. With Tanzania’s abundant and incredibly diverse wildlife, that leaves a huge selection to choose from. Needless to say Eddy is not picky, but when you live in one of the most interesting and biodiverse places on Earth, it would be hard to complain!

It is already very clear that Eddy loves animals. Perhaps his favorite is the majestic elephant, but he is always happy to see wild animals and watch them live their fascinating lives in the beauty of nature.

Eddy’s favorite animal fact: lions can mate more than once an hour 🦁

Wildlife photography is one of his passions. With so many people from around the world flocking to this place, the place where Eddy lives, he is very spoiled for photography opportunities, and can definitely share his experience with you!

Having a photographer as a guide means that you have someone who understands what makes a good photo, and someone who can make sure you get the best photos possible to take home from your trip. On top of that, when he’s not not guiding people around these cinematic views, he’s also a filmmaker!

"Eddy, don’t forget that name, as when you book this guy, he is what makes your Safari experience necessary. He will go above and beyond to ensure your trip is how you dreamed, along with being knowledgeable he is also a genuine good kind person."

Eddy’s favorite food: Eddy has 2 favorite local dishes, ndizi nyama and ugali choma. Why not try your hand at making these at home, if you feel inspired to taste the cuisine before you come, or when you start to miss the local food after your trip!

Eddy loves to learn new things and expand his knowledge of the world whenever he can, and meeting people from all over the world and showing them the magnificence of his home land provides plenty of inspiration for that.

Join Eddy on your next tour for an experience you will remember forever!