The River Nile

The River Nile

Short Overview

Few names conjure up images of exotic mystery quite as much as the River Nile.

Commonly associated with Egypt, the Nile actually finds its birth here in Uganda - with the White Nile born from Lake Victoria before making its way north to distant Egypt.

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Details of The River Nile

Visitors to Uganda are often surprised to learn that the mighty Nile has its roots here, but visits to places such as Jinja (the source of the River Nile) or Murchison Falls National Park allow visitors to East Africa to see this famous river for themselves.

Stretching for almost 7,000 kilometres, this proud river is a vital part of the Ugandan ecosystem, and visitors can expect to see animals such as Nile crocodiles and monitors, buffalo, hippos, and a huge variety of birdlife in and around its churning waters.




The Nile is an attraction all of its own, and people from all around the world travel to see the world's longest river in all of its glory.

At Murchison Falls National Park, the dramatic waterfall makes for an impressive sight, while boat cruises out on the river are a fun alternative to traditional game drives. 

A variety of wildlife call the river and its shores home, with animals such as crocodiles, Nile monitors, Cape buffalo, hippopotamus, and a huge variety of birdlife visible along the banks of the White Nile.

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