Omo National Park

Omo National Park

Short Overview

Within an area of 4,068 square kilometres that covers the Omo River, the Rift Valley, and leagues of virgin wilderness, Omo National Park is home to animals such as the eland, oryx, Burchell’s zebra, Lelwel hartebeest, buffalo, giraffe, elephant, waterbuck, kudu, lion, leopard, and cheetah.  

All year round


Details of Omo National Park

One of Ethiopia’s most remote tracts of wilderness, Omo National Park is a developing attraction that is especially popular with bird-watchers. More than 312 species have been recorded within the park.

 The park’s savannah and riverine forests are home to a variety of wildlife, although surveys as to the animal population are still ongoing.

 Like Gambela National Park, Omo National Park is possessed of an untamed charm that is well worth the long and sometimes arduous drive.



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