Mount Elgon National Park

Mount Elgon National Park

Short Overview

Mount Elgon is a popular climbing destination in Uganda, while also offering limited game-viewing opportunities.

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Details of Mount Elgon National Park

Along with Rwenzori, Mount Elgon National Park is more famous for its climbing opportunities than its game-viewing, with many flocking to Mount Elgon for the chance to climb the world’s largest mountain caldera.

The park is home to wildlife such as elephants, buffalo, hyenas, aardvarks, and a number of primate species. In addition to that, there are also more than 300 species of birds inside the park including a number that cannot be seen elsewhere in Uganda.




Mount Elgon National Park is an adventure playground, with the opportunity to climb the world's largest volcanic caldera as well as options for mountain biking, rock climbing, and hiking.


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