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                National Park

Size: 160 square kilometres.
Location: Two hours North West of Kigali.
Best Time: Dry season (June to mid-September)
To Do: Gorilla trekking, golden monkey trekking, hiking,
Dian Fossey grave site visit, cultural visits, and Musanze
Caves hike.
Known For: Mountain gorillas and golden monkeys.

Dominated by five towering volcanoes, the heavily forested Volcanoes National Park is the
             jewel in Rwanda’s national parks,a stunning mist-shrouded forest that is home to over half
             of the world’s extant gorilla population.
             With its population of over 300 mountain gorillas, Volcanoes National Park draws thou-
  sands of visitors each year eager to see these gentle giants in their natural habitat. With twenty
  family groups in the park, visitors are able to meet members of ten groups, while the other ten are
  kept away from tourists so as to be studied.
  Also within the park is the final resting place of gorilla researcher and anti-poaching activist, Dian
  Fossey, a woman whose work raised awareness of the plight of gorillas and ultimately led to her
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