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to vist Rwanda

Like many equatorial countries, Rwanda experiences wet and dry seasons rather than the con-
          ventional four seasons. Rwanda’s altitude and proximity to the equator means that it is warm
          and pleasant throughout the year, but also experiences a great deal of rain. Rwanda’s long
          rainy season stretches from March to May, with rain that is both heavy and persistent. There
  is also a short rainy season between October and November.
  The long dry season (June to mid-September) is considered the best time to visit Rwanda, with less
  rain but not necessarily less cloud cover. Even in the dry season, there is still a chance you’ll experi-
  ence light showers. For gorilla trekking, the best time to visit is in either of the dry seasons (June to
  mid-September or December to February), as the hiking conditions are less humid and there is less
  chance of having to deal with potentially malaria carrying
  mosquitos For chimpanzee trekking, however, the best time of the year to visit is during the long
  rainy season (March to May), when food becomes easier to find and the chimpanzees to not have to
  roam so far each day. For lake vacations, the dry season from June to mid-September or December
  to February is the best time to go for clearer weather.
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