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Why  Perhaps best known for the
                famous gorillas in the mist,
RWANDA          Rwanda has enchanted and
         intrigued people from around the
         world for decades. Dwelling in the
         fog shrouded Volcanoes National
         Park, these gentle giants with their
         almost human behavior are some-
         thing that many travelers dream
         about someday encountering.

         But there’s so much more to Rwan-
         da than its iconic apes. Travel
         south to Nyungwa National Park
         and you’ll encounter humanity’s
         closest living relatives, the impos-
         sibly intelligent chimpanzees with
         their expressive faces and endear-
         ing personalities.

         In fact, Rwanda is home to an as-
         tonishing number of primate spe-
         cies that range from the gigantic
         mountain gorillas all the way down
         to lesser known (but no less beau-
         tiful) colobus monkeys, olive ba-
         boons, and golden monkeys.

         The country’s vast freshwater lakes
         are perfect for water sports or
         simple relaxation, while Akagera
         National Park in the country’s east
         offers a more traditional African
         safari experience for this wish-
         ing to chase lions, elephants, and
         more across the savannah.

         Beyond the dense forests with
         their primate inhabitants, Rwanda
         offers a fascinating glimpse into
         both the worst of humanity and
         humanity’s power to heal after
         The notorious events of the 1994
         Rwanda Genocide are still fresh in
         the minds of many travelers, and
         no trip to the Land of 1000 Hills
         would be complete without vis-
         iting the sights of the genocide’s
         atrocities and contrasting this with
         the friendly and harmonious coun-
         try that exists a shade over twenty
         years later.
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