Cape Town helicopter tour


Details of Cape Town helicopter tour


You will receive safety instructions before boarding. The seats shall be determined by the weight of the passengers so that the load is evenly distributed. Regardless of the seat, all passengers will share the same unforgettable views. The explanation is given by an experienced pilot. Headphones with a microphone enable you to actively ask questions and talk to one other.

Flight duration and prices differ depending on the tour. Popular tours last from 12 to 210 minutes, but you can also charter a helicopter to any destination of choice.


Many different tours are available. Whether you just want the thrill of flying with a short flight over Cape Town or a full Penninsula experience, it is worth it!

Get the suggested city or peninsula insight or fly as far as Idiome, located in the southernmost part of the Stellenbosch wine region. The award-winning range of premium wines stems from the Da Capo Vineyards overlooking False Bay. Your pilot will stop to enable you to taste the single cultivar renditions or those big, bold blends of noble varietals.

Most popular are scenic flights over the peninsula; around the iconic Table mountain past the Signal hill and the Twelve Apostles.

Cape Town Twelve Apostles

You'll see the Atlantic ocean on one and the Indian on the other side of the Cape Peninsula, and of course the crashing waves where both oceans meet. The terrain below will change dramatically as you fly, from rugged cliffs and long beaches to undulating hills.

Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for a good portion of his noble life, offers unimaginable and heartbreaking views.

The oceans offer surprises, too! If the time is right, watch out for great white sharks lurking off the coast of Muizenberg beach o even spot the whales!

Rest assured, your pick is the right one!

Cape Town Garden Route

Short Overview

Someone wise once said it's good to have the full insight before making a pick! And it's so true when it comes to travel! Most travellers don't have the luxury of having as much time as they would like, so compromises must be taken….

Start your Cape Town visit with a helicopter flight over the city and its surroundings. Flight over Hout bay, Muizenberg beach, Table mountain, Clifton beaches, Twelve Apostles, the famous Green Point stadium and the city itself promises unforgettable views. And possibly a good start, to make a pick!

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