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  • East African Destinations for a Family Safari

    May 8, 2017

    Planning a Family Safari

    Planning a safari for your family can be a stressful affair. You've not only got to consider your own safari ambitions, but also the shorter attention spans of your younger travelers.

    While we've written before about how to plan a family safari, we thought we'd highlight some must-see destinations when it comes to entertaining young and old alike.

    From learning about Maasai culture in Tanzania to walking with giraffes in Kenya to beach escapes in Rwanda, there's a little something for everybody in East Africa.

    Don't leave the kids at home! You can plan an east Africa family safari in Kenya and Tanzania. There are plenty of family safari activities to enjoy with your kids! #familytravel #safari #africa #tanzania #kenya

    Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Kenya

    This former cattle ranch is today a beacon for conservation in East Africa. Not only is Ol Pejeta the largest black rhino sanctuary in East Africa, it's also home to some of the world's last remaining white rhinos.

    The conservancy is also home to a large variety of other animals, including plenty of Africa's iconic big cats and a chimpanzee sanctuary.

    The opportunity to go on a game drive, visit the chimpanzee sanctuary, and meet Najin, Fatu, and Sudan (three of the world's last white rhinoceros) are the highlights, but there's more!

    Night game drives, lion tracking, bush walks, birding, and plenty to occupy young and old alike make Ol Pejeta a premier family safari destination.

    Lake Naivasha, Kenya

    While it's not a national park in its own right, Lake Naivasha is a regular inclusion on Kenyan safaris.

    Located between Lake Nakuru National Park and the Maasai Mara, Lake Naivasha is often included as a stop due to its abundance of comfortable lodges, its beautiful scenery, and its proximity to a variety of Lake Naivasha attractions.

    Key among these attractions are the opportunity to take a boat ride on Lake Naivasha to see hippos and a variety of birds.

    You can also pay a visit to the Crescent Island Sanctuary, where kids can wander alongside giraffes, zebras, and antelope.

    Nairobi, Kenya

    Nairobi is a common starting point for safaris in both Kenya and Tanzania, but the Kenyan capital is also full of exciting activities for families.

    Our half-day Nairobi tour and full-day Nairobi tour pack in a variety of activities including the David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage, the Giraffe Centre, Bomas of Kenya, and more.

    Why not add a day in Nairobi to the start or finish of your safari?

    Hell's Gate National Park, Kenya

    Located a short drive from Lake Nakuru, Lake Naivasha, and Nairobi - Hell's Gate National Park is often thought of as a playground for those who love extreme outdoor activities.

    While rock-climbing and hiking might be a bit much for a young family, Hell's Gate's unique landscape and lack of predators make it a great place for a relaxed family excursion.

    Renting a bike and traveling through Hell's Gate is a great way to see Africa up close. You can also visit the local hot springs and even camp!

    Zanzibar, Tanzania

    Africa's premier beach playground is tailor-made for families.

    With a variety of resorts catering to all budgets and all walks of life, there's something for everybody on Tanzania's spice island.

    Whether you're looking to relax in luxury, take excursions for snorkeling, or learn more about the island's history - there is plenty of things to do in Zanzibar.

    Africa Amini Maasai Lodge, Tanzania

    Authentic cultural experiences can be difficult to come by while traveling. With many locals realizing the value of tourism, there has been a rise in 'fake' attractions aimed at selling souvenirs.

    Thankfully, Africa Amini Maasai Lodge near Arusha has filled this niche. A not for profit organisation aimed at bettering the lives of local Maasai, Africa Amini Lodge combines luxury with an authentic cultural experience.

    At this beautiful lodge, adults and kids alike can participate in Maasai led activities such as guided nature walks, traditional craft lessons, local food, spear throwing, music, and dance.

    Arusha National Park, Tanzania

    Not as popular as the Serengeti or Lake Manyara, Arusha National Park is nonetheless worthy of inclusion on your safari.

    Without any predators to worry about, visitors to Arusha National Park can trade the car for the open air - with both walking safaris and canoe safaris available.

    There's plenty to do in Arusha National Park, and it's thoroughly worth including in your trip if time allows.

    Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda

    While Murchison Falls National Park is a little out of the way compared to Uganda's other popular parks, there are plenty of reasons why your family will love the park.

    Not only is the park home to some of Africa's most iconic animals, but the waterfall from which it takes its name is worth a visit.

    Murchison Falls is the world's most powerful waterfall, and the chance to witness its power up close and take a cruise on the Nile are this park's big selling points.

    Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda

    Located on the drive between Kibale Forest National Park and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park is Uganda's premier game drive destination.

    Famed for its tree climbing lions, the park's open plains are also home to a variety of other animals and an equally huge variety of lodges and camps.

    A highlight of any visit to the park is the chance to take a boat safari on Kazinga Channel to see elephants, hippos, crocodiles, and a huge variety of birds.

    Lake Kivu, Rwanda

    Rwanda's main attractions - chimpanzees and gorillas - aren't available to kids under the age of twelve, but there are still reasons to visit The Land of 1,000 Hills.

    Lake Kivu is one of the most beautiful bodies of water in all of East Africa - the perfect place for a beach escape without the ocean.

    The shores of Lake Kivu are dotted with gorgeous accommodations ranging from luxury lodges to quaint B&Bs, and there are a variety of local cultural activities to participate in.

    Iby Iwacu Cultural Village, Rwanda

    Located in Musanze, the Iby Iwacu Cultural Village is a project by reformed poachers to raise awareness of traditional Rwandan culture.

    Visitors to this cultural park can try traditional food, see displays of local dance and music, learn about traditional culture, and even try their hand at being King or Queen for a day!

    Are you planning an East African safari with your family? Here are some awesome safari activities for kids and families of all ages in Tanzania and Kenya! #Safari #kids #family #familytravel #tanzania #kenya #africa


  • How to Have a Fantastic Safari with Kids

    May 2, 2016

    A Safari With Kids?

    Taking your kids on safari is a great way to introduce them to the animals they've always read about or seen on the television.

    While taking your kids on safari is a perfectly safe vacation choice, there are a few things to consider when planning your safari adventure. Children want different things out of their trip than adults tend to, and it takes special preparation to ensure that they enjoy the adventure as much as Mum & Dad do.

    Keep drives between parks short

    Rare is the child who can sit still for a few hours as you drive between parks, so it's important to break up the longer drives if possible.

    young explorers on safari Marjeta from our European office recently took her young explorers on a safari.

    This might mean spacing out parks with visits to smaller parks, or it might mean making stops at attractions along the way for a bathroom break and a chance to stretch your legs.

    Countries like Tanzania are lucky, as the major parks are 2-3 hours apart. In Kenya, where parks can be six hours or more from one another, it might be worth asking your safari provider to suggest good stops along the way.

    Mix things up with fun activities

    Game drives offer a fantastic opportunity to see animals such as lions and elephants up close, but when young minds are involved, variety is the spice of life.

    Keep things varied by mixing in hiking safaris, canoeing, and stops at kid-friendly spots such as the David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage, Africa Amini Masai Lodge, or Crescent Island in Lake Naivasha so kids get a variety of experiences.

    horse riding zanzibar Young Ty enjoying a horse ride on Zanzibar.
    africa amini masai lodge kids Africa Amini Masai Lodge specializes in educational and fun activities for kids and adults alike.

    Use lodges with a pool and/or WiFi

    Dependent on the ages of your kids, a pool might be a real treat at the end of a long day in the car. Many lodges across East Africa boast pools, and they're a great way for kids to let off some steam while you enjoy a sundownder.

    safari with kids pool Even Natasa's young son appreciates a good pool.

    If your kids are of the older variety, they might struggle being away from Facebook and Instagram. Consider looking for a lodge that can offer reliable WiFi.

    Shorter game drives

    With shorter attention spans and smaller bladders, kids aren't designed for long days out on the Masai Mara or the Serengeti.

    Consider starting your day with a short game drive, taking a break and using the lodges facilities over lunch, and then heading out again at sundown.

    Amini life lodge safari with kids Marjeta and her family at Africa Amini Life Masai Lodge.

    Keep them well-fed!

    A good lunch is vital in keeping young traveller's happy and full of energy. Choosing lodges and tour operators who can put together a nutritious and delicious safari lunch box can go a long way towards avoiding headaches.

    safari with kids

    Choose kid-friendly accommodation

    Not all hotels are created equal, and it pays to look into which lodges can provide the best for your family.

    Some lodges have special on-site kids areas or daycare services, while others arrange activities such as nature walks and craft demonstrations to keep young minds occupied.

    Consider Sleeping Arrangements

    You'll also want to consider sleeping arrangements. Are you looking to put everybody in one large space? Or are the kids old enough to have their own room adjacent to yours?

    Are the kids old enough to really enjoy a tented camping experience? Or will they be more comfortable in a traditional, brick & mortar hotel?


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