by Chris
October 22, 2016

Meaningful Travel

While visitors to Africa come to experience the continent's distinctive wildlife and fascinating melting pot of cultures, many visitors also want to make a difference by engaging in what is called meaningful travel.

Meaningful travel is the belief that travel can be about more than just having an amazing time and taking beautiful photos.

It’s the belief that you can do all of these things while still leaving the place you visited a better place than it was when you arrived.

It’s about giving something back to the country that has amazed and moved you through volunteering at orphanages, charitable organisations, or conservation programs.

Smiling faces at Kibowa Orphanage, Arusha. Smiling faces at Kibowa Orphanage, Arusha.

Visiting Kibowa Orphanage, Arusha

Our partnership with Kibowa Orphanage in Arusha is one of several ways in which we here at Shadows of Africa give back to the country.

If you've got a late flight out of Arusha or Kilimanjaro Airport, or if you'd just like to dedicate a day to helping out at the orphanage, we can arrange a visit.

While the kids undoubtedly enjoy the visits and the chance to get some much needed affection and attention, the best way to help is by making a donation.

The best donation you can make is a financial one. These valuable financial donations are used to improve facilities, fund schooling, and purchase food.

Alternatively, we can assist you in procuring and delivering food to help feed all of the kids.

kibowa orphanage arusha

Packing with Purpose

Packing with purpose is also something the kids will undoubtedly appreciate.

You can bring school supplies, clothing, toys, or soccer balls from home to give to the kids and we'll make sure that they get them!

Packing School Supplies & Toys

To save space in your luggage, the following items should be removed from their packaging and placed in lightweight, resealable plastic or fabric bags: pens, pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners, solar calculators, and protractors.

Breakable items such as chalk, crayons, coloured pencils, and rulers should be left in their packaging to prevent breakage. You may also wish to bubble wrap such items.

Board games and card games such as Connect Four, Scrabble, Uno etc. should be left in their original packaging.

kibowa orphanage volunteering Lesia, Julia, and Chris from the Shadows of Africa team make some friends.

Packing Soccer Balls

Soccer balls should be deflated by moistening an inflation needle and carefully inserting it into the valve.

After the needle is inserted, gently apply pressure to the ball until it has deflated. Remove the needle and tape it to the ball.

Deflated balls can be stacked to save space. Each deflated soccer ball will weigh around 1 pound/.45 of a kilogram.

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