by Lesia
February 20, 2017

Look at these happy faces! The children at the Kibowa orphanage received food supplies for a couple of months recently. We could provide it thanks to a generous donation from Ken and Linda Cohen, 2 of our USA clients. Their donations were so generous that we brought food deliveries to Kibowa twice!  Once around Christmas week and the rest about a month later!

The children from the orphanage really appreciated all the gifts and kindly invited us for lunch to share what they have. They didn’t forget to feed the cat who seemed to be the happiest in the room. He was getting food from everyone!

Wonderful thing about the children at the Kibowa orphanage is that they share and help each other. They brought bags to the kitchen by themselves like one amicable family. They help the mamas to cook and to take care of the house. All of them are going to school which is not far from a new building that the orphanage has moved into.

Our team thinks that all of these kids deserve a nice education. And we are sure they will study and work hard to get the best future they can for themselves and for Tanzania. Their smiles are the best gift that we can receive. Thank you to Ken and Linda as it is not possible without their help!

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