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Natasa Fras, CEO

Natasa Fras, CEO

Having called Tanzania home for over eight years now, Natasa’s years of experience and enthusiasm for Africa makes her a wealth of local travel information. Her vivacious nature and attention to detail mean she’s the perfect person to be preparing everything for you on the ground. With a background in wildlife management and over five years of experience as the head of Shadows of Africa, she’s turned her passion into a global business with a personal, hands on touch that can’t be beaten. Well-traveled and passionate about creating a unique customer experience, she’s the heart and soul of Shadows of Africa.

Jake McCormick, USA Office

Jake McCormick

Jake is our representative for the entirety of the Americas, covering Canada and the United States as well as Central & South America.

With over 30 years in the hospitality industry, Jake is a world traveler and a true explorer and adventurer. Jake knows exactly what it takes to leave a customer satisfied. Jake has brought his vast hospitality experience and laid back charm to the team. Quick with a smile, but serious about the task of creating the best possible safari experience for you: you’re in safe hands with Jake.

Stacy Breen, USA Office

Stacy Breen

Stacy works with Jake as our USA, South American and Canadian representative.Stacy is the most bubbly, loveable person you’re likely to meet.Ever since her first trip to Africa, she has been in love with it. Now she helps others with their own African destination dreams and turns their dreams into a reality. Whether you’re looking to make memories on a family trip, an adventure with friends or a romantic getaway – Stacy is the girl for you! “I am very excited to help you plan your safari adventure!”

Chris, Asia-Pacific (Australia) Office

A world traveler and accomplished travel writer, Chris joins our team as the representative for Australia, New Zealand, and the entire Asia-Pacific region. Having lived in South Korea and China for two years each and having traveled to more than twenty countries, he’s somebody who understands the different wants and needs of travelers from different backgrounds.

Elijah, Kenya Office

Born and raised at the heart of Kenya’s safari company, Elijah has over twelve years of experience in the tourism sector. Being a native Kenyan, Elijah knows the national parks intimately and can help you plan your dream Kenyan safari – whether it’s chasing the Great Migration across the Masai Mara, sunning yourself on Kenya’s beaches, or taking in the spectacle of the flamingoes in Lake Nakuru.

Paul, Rwanda Office

The newest addition to the Shadows of Africa team, Paul is our man in Rwanda and Uganda. With more than twelve years of experience as a guide in both countries, Paul brings his passion for the region to every aspect of his work. A survivor of the Rwandan Genocide, Paul’s love of his country is evident in his custom designed Rwanda itineraries and the fondness with which he speaks of the ‘land of 1000 hills’.

Shadows Of Africa, Julia Office

Lesia and Julia, Gulf States and CIS Office

Our dynamic duo from Ukraine, Lesia and Julia have a combined eight years of experience in the tourism industry working across the hospitality, food service, hotel, and tour operator sectors with equal enthusiasm. Where Lesia’s background is in journalism, Julia has formerly flown the skies as a stewardess. Together, the two are our team on the ground for the Gulf States and the CIS states (Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus), covering this huge area with youthful enthusiasm and devotion to detail.


Flavia Muhale, Tanzania Office

Flavia is a warm and bubbly presence in our Tanzania office, who has traveled extensively in both Africa and abroad. Torn between her love of Zanzibar’s beaches and the open skies of the Serengeti, Flavia would be planning your itinerary from a tent on the Serengeti if she could!

Elizabeth Kitika, Tanzania Office

You might not ever speak with Elizabeth, but she’s one of the most vital parts of making sure your safari experience is all you imagined. Elizabeth handles the bookings, the accounting, and all of the other nitty gritty that makes a safari go from paper to actually taking place. Elizabeth’s twenty two years in tourism make her excellent at all facets of organizing the minute details of your trip so that you don’t have to sweat the small stuff!



Ritchard Kimaro, Head Driver, Tanzania Office

Having worked in the safari business in both Tanzania and Kenya for more than a decade now, Ritchard is our expert on all things wildlife. There are few people in Tanzania better equipped to spot elusive game for you or find the hidden secrets within its parks. Ritchard is the head of our Tanzanian drivers, and one of the most likeable, fun people you’re likely to encounter in your travels.

Yusuph Abduli, Driver, Tanzania Office

Originally from Moshi, Yusuph has been a part of the Shadows of Africa team from the first day of operations. The smiling face that will greet you at the airport and the guy who will send you safely on your way at journey’s end, Yusuph is the warmth and youthful exuberance of the team.

Amir, Climbing Instructor, Kilimanjaro

Locally born and raised, Amir is one of our Kilimanjaro climbing guides. He’s climbed the Roof of Africa so many times that he’s lost count, but he can recall climbing the mountain twenty three times in his first year as a guide. With seven years of experience now, Amir is a voracious reader and intensely proud of Africa and its natural beauty. His advice to would be climbers? “Millions have people have made it to the top. Why can’t you?”

August, Climbing Instructor, Kilimanjaro

August has more than twenty years’ experience as a Kilimanjaro climbing guide, so he’s got a wealth of stories and an intimate knowledge of every facet of Africa’s highest mountain. He prides himself on doing whatever it takes to get his client’s safely to the top, and on staying in touch with them after they’ve returned home. His favourite story from the mountain? “I had an American client who had a new sleeping bag for the climb, but he had never used it. On the first night he came to me and said he couldn’t climb anymore because his sleeping bag was not warm enough. When he showed me, I couldn’t help but laugh. He hadn’t opened the sleeping bag, and was just trying to sleep under it like a blanket!”

Edwin, Safari Driver, Tanzania Office

Edwin started his career working for DHL, so he’s no stranger to getting important cargo from A to B. Nine years ago, he made the transition from delivering mail to delivering unforgettable experiences to tourists, and he’s never looked back! Edwin lists his favourite animals as the giraffe and the cheetah, and his favourite part of his job is the sense of accomplishment he gets when he meets his goal of ending a safari with smiling clients.

Bashiru, Safari Driver, Tanzania Office

Bashiru (the ‘u’ is silent) has had a lifelong love affair with the animals of Africa, and has wanted to work with them since he was a child. Coming in to his fifth year as a safari guide, Bashiru has a laid back personality and a quick sense of humour. Is he joking when he says his absolute favourite animal is the warthog? “I like their tails! They’re like antennas saying, ‘Hey! Follow me!’” In his free time, Bashiru is involved in Arusha’s underground music scene. He works as a promoter and a producer to some of Arusha’s up and coming hip-hop and R&B artists, so ask to hear some of the local African flavor!

Andrew, Safari Driver, Tanzania Office

A Tanzanian boy with a Kenyan education, Andrew’s fifteen years of experience in the tourism industry make him an excellent guide for your safari experience. “I’m always learning new things,” he says of his time on the road, “There’s always more you can know about the animals of Africa and I love all of them”. His favourite story from safari was of the night a man’s loud snoring attracted a pair of agitated elephants who needed to be chased away by the rangers. “He was so loud!”, he laughs as he tells the story.

Timo, Safari Driver, Tanzania Office

Softly spoken Timo is coming up on his seventeenth year as a guide, and has spent the last two of them educating and entertaining customers for Shadows of Africa. He got into the safari business after seeing how happy people were whenever he saw them coming back from safari. He wanted to be a part of something that could make people happy, and so he made it his ambition to do just that. Many years later, he’s a font of knowledge for those heading out on safari with him. From the tiniest bird to the biggest mammal, he’s got a story about them all!