Visit South Africa

Visited by nearly 10 million people each year, South Africa is one of Africa’s most popular holiday destinations.

With its gold-sand beaches, picturesque mountains, world-class national parks, and vibrant cultural tapestry, it’s not hard to see why South Africa is a popular holiday destination with people from all walks of life.

South Africa’s most popular attractions remain its national parks, with the nineteen parks covering landscapes and wildlife of astonishing diversity. From the seemingly endless savannah of Kruger National Park to arid deserts, jagged peaks, and windswept coastline, South Africa’s parks cover the gamut and promise something for all tastes.

The cities of South Africa are every bit as varied as its landscapes. Popular Cape Town, nestled in the shadow of iconic Table Mountain and surrounded by vineyards, is a cosmopolitan international city alive with clubs, restaurants, and gorgeous beaches. Cruisy beachside Durban boasts a melting pot of cultures that makes it a fantastic place to indulge your adventurous palette, while South Africa’s largest township, Soweta offers a glimpse into the country’s often dark apartheid past.

For lovers of dramatic landscapes, places like Blyde River Canyon and the famous Garden Route are photographic gold.

The Rainbow Nation – so called for its eleven official languages and dozens of different tribes and European descended cultures – is sure to charm and confront you. While the nation has made huge strides towards greater equality, it is nonetheless a country where you can still see the scars of racial discrimination. Sites such as the Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg and Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela was held prisoner, offer some insight into the country’s often tumultuous past.

South Africa Safaris and Tours

South Africa offers up a range of tours and itineraries to suit a huge variety of tastes.


Whether you’re in the country in pursuit of the Big Five, wish to indulge your senses with a tour of wine country, want to take in the sharks and whales off the coast, or want to sate your cultural curiousity – we offer a range of tour packages.

Uganda chimpanzee
Uganda Antelope

Wildlife of South Africa

South Africa’s diverse landscapes mean that the country covers the full spectrum of habitats. Literally thousands of species of wildlife can be found scattered across the country’s twenty two national parks, from the emblematic Big Five all the way down to smaller but no less charming creatures such as meerkats, dung beetles, African wild dogs, and penguins.

National Parks of South Africa

Kruger National Park is the unchallenged king of game drives in South Africa, rivalling Tanzania’s Serengeti for international popularity, and it’s here that you can expect to see the Big Five. Farther afield, parks such as Kgalagadi Transfrontier offer up something else entirely.

Finally, whale-watchers and shark-chasers will find that the waters off the South African coast are similarly alive with life. Hermanus is a world-renowned spot for whale watching, while the Cape Coast is an excellent place to see great white sharks preying on the seasonal seal population.

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